This week has been such a crazy week.  I mean just starting Sunday it has been a non-stop week.
Lets see, Monday I didn’t do anything because I like to take a day off once a week, so Monday ended up being my day off this week.  I think that all I really did was sit around my house, and played some playstation.  I worked all weekend at Olive Garden, all day Saturday, and Sunday.
Tuesday I started a project that is going to take me a few days to finish.  My parents bought me a new TV for my room, and in turn I need to rake all the leaves off the front and the back lawn.  So that was my day tuesday, and actually most of my day today (friday).  Today i did buy myself some nice skull candy headphones (talk about black friday shopping, 10 bucks at best buy)
Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and I spent the day with my family, went to my cousins house, watched some football, and ate way to much food.  My next few days are going to be working, and hopefully trying to get some skateboarding clips on youtube soon.  

The final thing the who reason why I am keeping a blog is to write about where I am traveling, and what I am currently doing.  This week I finished up my support letter for when I will be leaving in March.  Also I have started to address my support letters, and work on my staff application.  If everything works out like I am praying it does I will be leaving in March of 2014