Weeks 6 and 7

Last week was an interesting week. We had a speaker on the Holy Spirit who really taught us more on the fathers heart. She was a great speaker she just lost me very easily, and was all over the place.

This week on the other hand was amazing!!!!!! This week we have been on what I called mini outreach. During this time we have been in Seattle basically doing what we will be doing in brazil. (We have 3 more weeks of lecture, one more week of outreach prep, and then we are off to brazil for 2 months. I am super excited to go to Brazil and to tell stories about what God is going. Last night on the 20th birthday I did my first opener. That was a real stretch, but it was good. I basically just told everyone about what God is doing in my life.

We leave tomorrow morning at 8am for the endless drive back to base. Can’t wait to see what God has instore over the next few weeks.


Weeks 4 and 5

So I really need to start updating this a lot more.  I just have little to no time here in Montana, we are so busy everyday.  I’m actually blogging this at 1:45am so please excuse any misspellings and anything that doesn’t make sense.  If you have any questions you can email me at nathanielhegyes@gmail.com

So update, last week we talked about missions.  It was an okay week, I mean every week here has been amazing so far, but this week was not my favorite until (play dramatic music) we reached Friday.  On Friday we started to talk about early missions.  Now we started talking about Paul, and all the early those missions, we then got to Wycliffe, and how he translated the Bible into many different languages, i believe my teacher said 14 total.  

Week five has been my favorite week so far.  This week we talked about relationships.  We learned to much, I can’t even put into words what we learned about.  I will do a whole separate blog about this week.  

This week the fall DTS came back.  I finally got to meet Dawn in person.  That made me really happy, after 7 months.  She brought me back some Icelandic money.  I also got to meet a whole bunch of the other DTS, and they all seem like really cool people, and really nice people.  


Week 2 and 3

So night time is my thinking time.  I am sitting here in the Student Library (it’s kinda funny that I’m in the library, but this is where I spend my nights usually.)  I thought I would just take this time to update again.  I don’t know if anyone actually reads this, but if you do thats great.

Week 2 was lecture by Ron and Judy Smith.  Ron and Judy are founders of a school here called SBS (school of biblical studies).  They taught on the foundations of faith.  It is really interesting to see creation, and sin in such a different way.  We then talked about many different ways to read the bible.  I really enjoyed that.  Ron even told a story about a girl that handwrote the whole bible.  All 66 books of it.  That was one of the most intense things that I every heard.

Week 3 or this week is all about the Fathers love for us.  This was not one of my favorite weeks so far, but I did learn a few things.  Dreams and visions that I had years ago, I want them to become a reality.  (more on that when I update again maybe, it’s still really new to me, to share with people, and posting it on this blog is just CRAZY scary.)  

God has been working here in such powerful ways.  I think that I am starting to change for who I am meant to become.  I am ready.  I am ready to take on the world.  I am ready to die for my faith.  I am ready! 

More of an update

So last Saturday I left my house in Manahawkin, NJ at 8:10am to start my adventure at Ywam.  I guess this is the best place to start.  I walked into the airport (La Guardia International Airport) at 10:45 am, and I grabbed my ticket to leave.  Right after that I said goodbye to my parents, and I started to cry.  I am not ashamed to say that I started to cry, and I accept that I did.  I mean this is the first time I have ever left home for more then 10 days, and this like 2000 miles from home.  (I am so easily distracted when I’m writing)

The plane fight was kinda long, it was about 4 hours to take get to Denver International Airport.  I had a 4 hour layover there.  That was not fun, i landed in like terminal 18 or 19, and my leaving terminal was 86.  If you have never been to Denver Airport it’s about a mile and a quarter to walk from one end to the other.  I arrived with plenty of time to catch my next flight into Kalispel airport. There a man named Kris picked me up, and we took the 30 minute drive into Lakeside.

The next morning was Sunday, and we didn’t have to go to church or anything, it was just a day to start to meet everyone.  We sat in the hallway in our dorm for 5 hours just talking about everything, and it was so much fun.  We all bonded right away.

Monday we woke up at 6:20 am.  (yes we get up that time everyday)  Our first week is different then all the other weeks.  We had orientations and all that normal stuff rules.  Then that night we got right into lesson one.

This first week was about intercessory prayer and hearing God’s voice.  It was one of the hardest weeks of my life, but so worth it.  The things that I have learned this week are amazing.  I was going to post my notes, but there are 16+ pages of them.  If you want to know more, when I get home, I can just show you them.

I am going to close this blog posting with a few comments about what I learned this week.  

1.  God is real.  I know that that sounds so cliche, but it is so true.  

2.  God is faithful.  I am already starting to see changes in my life, and God is just awesome like that.

3.  I am going to BRAZIL!!!!!!!  I don’t have a location yet where I am going, but I am super excited to get to go there.

The last thing is I would like to ask anyone if they need prayer for anything. Whether you are a Christian or your not, If you just stumble upon this blog, I would love to pray for you.  You can email me at: nathanielhegyes@gmail.com

I hope you all have a blessed night/day tomorrow.  Miss you all lots


First impressions

So after a really long travel here, I had Sunday off and we all just sat in the hallway and bonded right away and it was awesome!!!!
Monday we got an orientation which was long, then had lunch and then a 4 hour lecture
Tuesday was lectures and work duties
Wednesday was lectures and work and history of ywam Montana
Today was lectures and brazil. I wish I had more time to up date this but right now I don’t so that is it for now.

Denver Airport

I am writing this sitting in Denver International Airport. I left my house at 8:00 this morning. We drove to LA Guradia International Airport, where I have a 12:30 flight to Denver. I though because the paper said that the flight would land at 2:57 that is was a 2 hour flight. I forgot to take into account that Denver is 2 hour time difference. so my flight was 4 hours and a half hours long. I can’t wait to get to Lakeside. Denver is alright, its starting to get dark, and that’s it for now

No time now

Where do I even start? I guess that I’ll start before thanksgiving. The weeks leading up to thanksgiving we’re super boring and nothing really happened

That all changed thanksgiving morning around 1:00am. I received a huge portion of my support… But that’s just the beginning.. Right after I got that, God has been providing. Like I now have a seasonal job and it couldn’t have been timed better. I guess the biggest thing is that my flight has been booked!!!! I am so excited to leave.

I am actually writing this blog as I am in break at work right now.

The last thing is classes are going well. A few more weeks and I am done with my third semester. It is kinda bitter sweet the feeling if leaving college to purse my dreams… I have learned that sometimes in order to fulfill your dreams you need to give them up. Thanks for reading.


I have finished reading Tim Tebow’s Autobiography.  I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to read about a man that truly loves God.  It is one of the best books that I have read in a long time.  

I started to look into flights to Montana.   I never know that flying was so expensive.  It is going to cost me around 500 dollars for a round trip.  I lucky have only one layover in Denver I believe.  

Last night November 16th I got to talk to the girl that I was going to Montana with back in August.  Her name is Dawn, and she said that it is on the most incredible experiences that you will ever have in your life.  I also got to talk to a few of the current students there, and I can’t wait to go.  I met this kid around a year ago.  His name is Jeff, and he just came back from Ywam In Denver.  He did what is called ATW DTS (Around The World Discipleship Training School).  I am meeting up with him hopefully on day next week so we can talk about Ywam.  

I pray that I get to go there in January.  Please keep me in prayer that I make it there.